Minting Guide​

With this step by step guide you will mint your own Force of Africa NFT in no time and become a proud owner.
​We recommend to execute these steps on a PC:

1. You need a MetaMask wallet with Ethereum (ETH) on it. First download and install Metamask for your browser from

2. To mint you need some Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet. One Force of Africa NFT costs 0.05 ETH + gas fees. We recommend to add at least 0.08 ETH to your wallet. There are 2 ways:

a) ETH can be bought at various crypto exchanges. For example, you could use After you have bought ETH on a platform you can send it to your wallet using the wallet address.​

b) You can buy ETH via Transark in MetaMask. Make sure to choose ETH.

3. Now you are ready to mint. Go to​

4. On the top part of the webpage you will find the „Connect“ button. Click it to connect you MetaMask wallet to the website.​ ​

5. After you Metamask is connected the view will change and now you can choose how many NFTs you want to buy. You can buy up to 10 pieces of art.​ ​

6. Click „Mint“ to initiate the process. Metamask will now show you the total price including the gas fees. After you have accepted the transaction in MetaMask the NFTs will be minted to your MetaMask wallet.​ ​

7. Congratulation you have minted your Force of Africa NFT! ​
​ To view your minted NFT:​
- Your NFT is shown on Opensea associated to your wallet address. You are officially the owner of that NFT.​
- You can also view your NFTs in the mobile version of MetaMask​

For more information, please see the help of the related platforms.